Press & Fabrication

Press Shop having over 100 Hydraulic & Mechanical Press of various capabilities from M/s ISGEC, British Clearing, Wilkins & Mitchell, HMT, Electropnumatic etc. with Capacity of 2.5 million Strokes / Day.

Range No. of Press
Light Duty (10T – 100T) 135
Medium Duty (110T – 300T) 133
Heavy Duty (310T – 600T) 45

Key Features

  • C & H Frame, Mechanical & Hydraulic, Large Bed & Standard Bed, Variable strokes
  • Adaptibility for Compound & Progressive Tools with Decoiler / Straightner / Feeder Set
  • Conveyorized Auto Scrap remova

CNC Pipe Bending Machines

More than 35 multi axis CNC Pipe Bending Machines up to 65MM Dia Pipe from M/s Electro pneumatic.

Welding Machines

More than 1500 nos. Welding Machines of different types like CO2 MIG, TIG, Projection, Portable SPOT & stationary SPOT, Seam Welding, Ultrasonic etc. sourced from……M/s Zupar Arc, Panasonic,Techno Craft, ARM Welder etc. With Capacity of 100 Kms / Day.& 1.0 Millions Spot / Day.

Robotic Welding – Set up

More than 200 ROBOTIC Welding Machine Set ups from M/s Fanuc-Japan.