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About Belrise Industries

Belrise Industries Ltd. is a Tier-1 Automotive OEM Manufacturing Group in India with a turnover of INR 6416 CR ($781 MUSD). We specialize in Automotive Systems for the Two-wheeler, Three-wheeler and Four-wheeler Passenger and Commercial vehicle niche. Our Product Protfolio is diversified across Metal Processing, Polymer Processing, Surface Treatment, Mirror Systems, Suspension Systems, Foundry, Home Appliances, Security Hardware, E-mobility and Flouriculture respectively. We carry a long standing relationship with the Major Indian and Global OEMs, incorporating 15+ manufacturing facilities in 7 states across India with a workforce of over 15,000 people. Our Export footprint is spread across leading nations namely United States, Japan, United Kingdom, and China.

Our Product Portfolio specializes in Metal Processing, Polymer Processing, Surface Treatment, Mirror Systems, Suspension Systems, Foundry, Home Appliances, Security Hardware, E-mobility and Floriculture.

Chassis & BIW parts, Exhaust Systems, Press parts, Seating parts, Cross car beams

Two-wheeler fairings, Seat and Side covers, Luggage Box, Helmets, and Headlight housings

Tri Hexavalent Nickel Chrome plating of Mild Steel & Stainless steel to meet CASS tests & ensuring aesthetic appeal.

Outer and Inner rear view mirrors for Passenger and Commercial Vehicles

Front Forks for Two-wheelers, Shock Absorbers, Semi-Trailing Arm, and Wishbone Assembly for Passenger and Commercial Vehicles

Automotive Systems like Clutch & Pressure plates, Flywheel, Control Arm, Crankshafts, Housings, Hub and Caliper

Refrigerator Vegetable Trays, Freezer Grills, Fridge Baskets, and Thermostat parts

Home security devices like Household locks and bolts

Rose Plantation

Our Story

Established in the year 1988 with a capital influx of INR 20,000, Belrise Industries commenced its operations in a single shed as an Automotive Fastener manufacturer in India. However, as a first generation entrepreneur, Mr. Shrikant Badve struggled to raise funds from several banks due to lack of collateral securities. With an annual turnover of INR 1 Lakh in the preliminary year, the group evolved from inception phase into growth phase. Today, Belrise Industries is a Market Leader in the Automotive Sheet Metal and Polymer Products with one in three domestic two-wheeler being equipped with a Belrise manufactured frame assembly.


To be a leading global organisation for the supply of world class products through continuous improvements partnering all stakeholders.


To globally offer engineering products through inexorable march of new technology by becoming a trusted brand through customer delight.

Late Shankar Badve ~ Chairman

Late Chairman’s message

Today, we are proud to be a company that ranks among the top suppliers of automotive components and aggregates in India. In retrospect, we started as a small enterprise, manufacturing small sheet metal parts, but with responsible risk-taking, and an ever-eagerness to grab opportunities, we have grown into an established organization.

We, currently, have our manufacturing facilities all over India – Aurangabad, Waluj, Ranjangaon, Chakan, Pirangut (Pune), Dharwad, Bangalore & Chennai in Southern India, Pantnagar and Bhiwadi in Northern India and Indore in Central India.

We currently manufacture components across various different segments, and have various, complex machineries and processes including: special purpose machineries, advanced robotics, multiple surface treatments etc. The world-renowned Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) methodology is followed religiously across all our manufacturing locations to achieve synchronized manufacturing flow.

We have complemented our manufacturing prowess with progressive systems by effectively utilising SAP, and complying with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO / TS 16949 standards across the group.

Our workforce is our strength. And as we look towards the future, we will continue to empower all our employees, and work harmoniously with all our key stakeholders to produce superior work for our customers.

Shrikant Badve ~ Managing Director

Managing Director's message

After graduating with a degree in engineering, I chose to go down a less-travelled path and become an entrepreneur. The opportunity to work to create a difference, while enabling many others to achieve their dreams & ambitions drove me to start the Belrise Industries.

Overcoming the initial financial obstacles like acquiring land, machinery etc. was challenging. However, over time, with perseverance, the Belrise Industries has established itself as one of leading automotive suppliers in India, with a distinctive focus on quality.

Today, our portfolio of work spans multiple, diverse verticals. From initially starting out as a supplier of metallic automotive parts, we have further grown to specialise in manufacturing polymer components, specialized foundry products, suspension systems, security hardware appliances, home appliance systems and mirrors. Our processes are driven by the key principles of value engineering, lean systems and six sigma methodologies. Currently, we have 15+ state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities spread across India, and have an annual turnover of INR 6416 Crores ($781M USD).

We have been recognized by the Government of India (on 3 occasions) as well as by prestigious international bodies like JIPM, Frost & Sullivan etc. for our work in manufacturing excellence, quality and R&D.

Beyond our work in manufacturing, we remain committed to CSR by contributing to the lives of all our major stakeholders. The Belrise Industries has actively led and participated in girl child education, blood donation drives, wildlife conservation efforts etc. to contribute towards making the world a better place.

As we move towards the future, we remain committed to further the pace of technological growth in the automotive space, while continuing to be a committed and customer-centric organisation.

Supriya Badve ~ Executive Director

Message from Executive Director

As a comprehensive manufacturer of Chasis & Exhaust systems, Belrise Industries has been supplying a wide variety of products to our customers in numerous fields, mainly in the automobile industry, but also in Stamping, Suspension, Casting and much more. Since early in our company history, we have established a unified all-in-one in-house production facility where we perform everything from Stamping to fabrication and manufacturing ourselves. As such, we have been able to speedily provide products that meet the expectations and requests of the customer by the company working as a whole. We have constantly been a leader in our industry, for example, by introducing Industrial Robots to our company over 15 years ago, and constantly expanding and strengthening our structure and facilities. However, I believe the most important asset that Belrise Industries has, is the relationship of trust that we have established for over more than 20 years with our customers, and vendors.

Manufacturing is currently greatly shifting towards globalization, with many companies establishing factories and stores overseas, hanging their hopes of staying in business and further developing on the global market. In anticipation of a increasingly expanding needs in overseas markets, as well as to meet the needs of production sites and local procurement by customers expanding their sales networks overseas and to provide local support, Belrise Industries is currently advancing with establishing its overseas production sites.


Why Choose Us

We as a group are equipped with decades of manufacturing expertise which is enabled by our established State-of-the-facilities and our long term relationships with major global and domestic OEMs. Our geographical reach of 15+ manufacturing facilities across India provides us the strategic advantage to actively cater the needs of our customers in ‘real-time’ basis, ensuring superior customer delight. We are the only class-leading Tier-1 automotive supplier with fully automated engineering systems which are technology driven and digitally monitored. Our strong human capital of 3000+ employees and 10000+ associates guarantees efficient operations which supplements high-quality products and on-time delivery to our esteemed customers. Further, our established Global Supply Chains provides us additional advantage to network and cater to major OEMs across the globe.

Composition of Board and its Committees

Board of Directors
  1. Mr. Shrikant S. Badve – Managing Director
  2. Mrs. Supriya S. Badve – Whole Time Director
  3. Mr. Ashok V. Tagare – Non-executive Director
  4. Mr. Anant R. Sathe – Non-executive Independent Director
  5. Mr. Dilip B. Huddar – Non-executive Independent Director
  6. Mr. Girish Kumar Ahuja – Non-executive Independent Director
  7. Mr. Milind P. Kamble – Non-executive Independent Director
Nomination and Remuneration Committee
  1. Mr. Dilip B. Huddar – Chairman
  2. Mr. Anant R. Sathe – Member
  3. Mr. Ashok V. Tagare – Member
Audit Committee
  1. Mr. Anant R. Sathe – Chairman
  2. Mr. Dilip B. Huddar – Member
  3. Mr. Ashok V. Tagare – Member
Corporate Social Responsibility Committee
  1. Mrs. Supriya Shrikant Badve – Chairperson
  2. Mr. Anant R. Sathe – Member
  3. Mr. Ashok V. Tagare – Member

Our Achievements

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