Belrise Industries: Automotive Parts Manufacturing | Foundry Division

We deliver custom-built plastic and home appliance components with superior quality.

Technical Strength – Foundry Division

Moulding Line and Shot Blasting from DISA:

  • Vertical DISA 250C
  • Speed 350m/h with core
  • Mold size 850*650*(250-500)mm
  • VP23 capacity 15 TPH with power and free conveyor

Core Shop:

  • Horizontal core shooter 800*700mm
  • H/V core shooter 700*600mm
  • Shell shooter 600*300mm
  • Automatic sand mixing and dispensing

Sand Plant from Kunkel Wagner:

  • Sand Plant from Kunkel Wagner
  • Cooler Capacity 180 TPH

Machine Shop:

  • VMC’s, HMC, VTL’s, Balancing Machines, and CMM

Melting and Auto Pour from Electrotherm:

  • Tri track furnace 6T crucible size and power rating of 9.5MW
  • Unheated tundish capacity 3T, twin pour

Lab Equipment:

  • Spectrometer, CE meter, Pyrometer, Image Analyser, and Sand Testing equipment

Other Capabilities:

  • Capable to produce a range of products with high strength and ductility
  • Weight range of 3 kg – 50 kg for single piece
  • Nominal wall thickness – 4mm

Material Grades:

  • Material Grades
  • Austempered Ductile iron